I Just Bombed My Practice MBE Test. It’s A Few Weeks Before The Bar Exam. Now What?

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. We’re receiving similar feedback from students all over the country currently studying for the bar exam. With the final weeks before the bar exam approaching and bar review courses winding down, it’s now time to take a simulated practice MBE exam. If you received a score on this practice test considered below passing, the tendency is to panic.

But don’t panic; you still have the time to improve your MBE score in the remaining weeks!

You, like many bar candidates, are likely experiencing the highs and lows of studying for the bar exam. The MBE practice test is representative of how you are doing just a few weeks before the bar exam. But keep in mind the score should be looked at with the knowledge that it is not too late to do better! As an example, one of our students who took the exam more than once and received less than 100 on his simulated MBE was taught our method and his score jumped over 60 points! That student was JFK, Jr.

Professor Marino created a specific method for approaching the bar exam, responsible for raising the MBE scores of thousands of students. This unique MBE Method is taught only in our online bar preparation program.

However, due to the feedback from current and former students, we have created a specialized program around our Method to significantly raise students’ MBE scores with only a few extra hours of work. The program is simple: (1) you watch a short, online video lecture to learn the Marino MBE Method, (2) you apply the Method on assigned MBE questions, and (3) you meet one-on-one with an expert bar exam tutor for one hour to reinforce the Method, answer questions, and receive guidance for the remaining study period. In addition, you have the option of practicing what you have learned on seven 25-question, single-subject practice exams, and reviewing the answers and our Method with a video lecture of each exam.

This program addresses two main concerns you may have in the last few weeks of studying: lack of time and money.

You are already concerned you do not have enough time to complete all of your work from your bar review course as it is.
You have spent a lot of money on the course you are taking and may not be able to expend more resources for the exam.
We are certain that there is nothing you can do in the time remaining that will help increase your MBE score more than giving us a few hours of your time to learn a different and better way of attacking MBE questions. And with so much money already spent on your legal education, shouldn’t you do everything you can to ensure that you pass the bar exam and move on with your future? Plus, we have made the program affordable enough that hopefully every student will be able to benefit from it.

While the MBE is a difficult and often complicated test, it is just a test and we have the answers to unlock its mysteries in just a few hours!

If you are not getting the targeted MBE score you were hoping for in practice and looking to spend your time and money wisely, we recommend you try our package. It is easy to use and will make a big difference in your MBE score on the actual bar exam.

We wish you good luck and remember — DON’T PANIC! There is still time to bring your score up significantly!