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Score more points on the MBE with Marino Bar Review’s “Don’t Panic” MBE package. Learn our exclusive strategy for scoring higher on the MBE along with secret tips and tricks!

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$499 $299

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Marino Bar Review’s Don’t Panic MBE Package

You’ve spent all Summer “reviewing” the law in your bar review course. You’ve watched hours upon hours of professors droning on about law you’ll never remember and singing to you about the rules of federal procedures. You’ve done MBE question set after MBE questions set, yet your MBE score still isn’t improving and is no where near as close to where it needs to be.

The good news is that you are not alone and it is not too late to dramatically increase your score.

Instead of driving yourself crazy by reading that outline one more time, take your remaining time before the bar exam seriously and do something that will actually teach you how to raise your MBE score.

In less than one day, the MBE “Don’t Panic” Package will increase your MBE score the same way it has done for tens of thousands of future attorneys, judges, and professors over the past 70 years including John F. Kennedy, Jr. who’s score jumped more than 50 points after learning the Marino MBE Method.

  • Learn the Marino MBE Method in just a couple of hours using our online and on-demand video Workshop.
  • Practice the Method on our MBE questions and go through our interactive video review of our practice exams.
  • Meet with one of our expert bar exam tutors for an hour to see one on one exactly how to apply the Method and have any questions you have answered.

There is nothing you can do in the time remaining that will raise your MBE score as much as the “Don’t Panic” Package will!

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  • The “Don’t Panic” package includes Professor Marino’s famous MBE workshop and practice test review, multiple MBE practice tests, an hour with a Marino Certified Bar Exam Tutor, and more!
  • All components of the “Don’t Panic” package may be done online.
  • Entire “Don’t Panic” MBE package can be done in less than a day!