The Marino Method™ is a well-tested pedagogical approach for successful bar exam preparation. This method promotes comprehension, memorization, recall, and bar exam performance by engaging three learning modalities: seeing the rules, hearing the rules, and applying the rules. By using our outlines, Memory Boosters, practice problems, and video workshops, you learn essential rules through systematic repetition. This method does more than teach you the law; it teaches you how to accurately apply the law. You will be prepared to pass the bar exam!

Marino Bar Review is a true online bar course. We guide you through the process with a manageable daily study schedule; you simply go to your student center and each day’s work is only a click away. Below are the components of our study program.


The Memory Booster™

Memorization is a function of repetition. For this reason, your learning process for each subject begins with a Memory Booster, which contains the most essential rules that you must continuously memorize. Our competitors have you create condensed notes. Marino Bar Review gives you what you need to know and then repeats the rules throughout the course. Each Memory Booster is about 15-30 pages and contains all the rules a retaker student needs to learn and memorize to pass the bar exam. Our main outlines, which can be 125 or more pages, contain integrated problems to help you learn and understand the subject-areas tested. As you learn the rules and develop your understanding of the law, you will also improve your test performance with the Marino Exam Performance TM workshops.

The Marino Memory & Exam Performance Phase of Bar Preparation

The first phase of bar exam preparation concentrates on comprehension and skill building. The last phase of bar exam preparation focuses on memory, recall and exam performance. Marino Bar Review builds both phases into its courses. You begin memory and exam performance as soon as the lecture on a subject is complete. Remember that you began the learning process with the Memory Booster and you’ll end with it as well. Active, systematic repetition of crucial rules is essential.

Exam Performance Workshops

Essay Workshops: These video workshops teach you the Marino 4-Step Essay Method. You will learn to maximize points when you know the law, and how to get points when you do not know the law. Bar examiners predetermine what you have to say in an essay to get points. Bar essay instruction is not just about learning how to write a good IRAC essay, but knowing what is on the predetermined score sheet. Our method will teach both what to write and how to write it.

MBE Workshops: These video workshops teach you the Marino MBE Method. You will learn specific test-taking strategies on how to accurately, quickly, and effectively analyze an MBE question and how you can significantly improve your timing and guessing techniques.

MPT Workshops: During the MPT Workshops, you learn the Marino MPT Method and exactly how to recognize and approach each type of MPT that could appear on your bar exam.

We do not only teach you the law; we prepare you to pass the bar exam!