Free Repeat Course

A student enrolled in Marino’s Bar Review First Time Course or Retaker Course who is unsuccessful on the bar exam is entitled to one free repeat of the course. There may be a charge for new books. For the Retaker Course, the free repeat does not include tutoring sessions. 

Bar Review Courses

Once a student has paid either in part or in full for a Marino bar review course, there are no refunds permitted.  If a Marino Bar Review student does not sit for the bar exam, the student will not receive a refund. Marino Bar Review will deactivate the student’s course material within their Marino Bar Review online account until a date closer to the bar exam for which that student plans to sit. Marino Bar Review will reactivate the course on that date at no additional charge. If a student who is enrolled in a Marino Bar Review course or package that includes tutoring decides to defer sitting for the bar exam, the student will not be refunded for unused tutoring hours nor will the student be entitled to use those unused tutoring hours for a future exam for which the student plans to sit.


If a student is enrolled in a Marino Bar Review course or package that includes tutoring (including, but not limited to, Marino Bar Review Courses for UBE jurisdictions and the Marino Bar Review Retaker Course) and does not use all included tutoring hours, Marino Bar Review will not refund the student the cost of the unused tutoring hours.