Marino Law School Tutoring

Marino Bar Tutoring has long been famous for helping students pass the bar exam. Now we are offering personalized one-on-one professional tutoring for students in law school!

Your grades on your law school final exams, particularly in the 1st and 2nd years, will largely determine what your job offers will look like when you graduate. Those students with the highest scores on these finals, and thus the highest GPAs, will get the best and most lucrative summer associate positions, internships and clerkships, they will have the luxury of being able to choose where they want to work after graduation.

If you are in law school and need to excel in your highly competitive law school class, a Marino tutor will be the key to your success. They can show you what you really need to know to ace the final, aid with your memorization skills and teach you crucial strategies to write your law school essays to achieve maximum points. And if you feel overwhelmed or are falling behind in your law school class, our tutors will help you get back on track in short order.

A Marino Law School tutor will be your key to “beating the curve” in your law school class!

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