Marino Bar Review First Time Taker Course - 25725

The Marino Bar Review Course is the only bar review course that trains you to pass the bar exam instead of simply “reviewing” the law. The New York Law Journal dubbed Professor Joseph Marino as the “go-to guy for those in need of bar review” and he created Marino Bar Review as the only bar review course that cuts to the chase and shows you exactly how to pass the bar exam.

We understand that the needs of each exam taker is unique under the current circumstances. We have tailored our bar preparation programs to meet these needs:

  • Each Marino Bar Review student is assigned an attorney Student Advisor who meets with them virtually to design a detailed study plan specifically tailored to the student’s current schedule and availability over the next few months.
  • All Marino Bar Review students gain immediate access to the complete online program and may begin studying the same day they enroll, to maximize their study time.
  • All Marino Bar Review students will have continued access to the program until they take the exam on the next administration, whenever it is given.


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The Marino Bar Review Course

Marino Bar Review Comprehensive Outlines Interactive Outlines for every subject tested on the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE).o

Marino’s fully online outlines come embedded with hundreds of questions and answers so you are tested on your understanding of each legal rule as you study.

MBE Practice Questions You will receive more than 1,100 practice questions in addition to workshop questions and questions incorporated in your outlines. You will learn the tricks and techniques to master the MBE.
Flexible Study Schedule We recognize that not all students study at the same pace. While some students will be able to study full-time and free of all distractions, many students have jobs, families, or other commitments which require their attention.

Marino Bar Review offers several study schedules to choose from and depending on your available study time you can pick the one that works the best or you can work with a Marino-certified tutor to alter and customize the schedule to fit your available time.

Plus, you can start studying as soon as you sign up!

Exam Performance Workshop Packages Training to Pass the Bar Exam. These workshops hone your test-taking skills to help you excel on each section of the uniform bar exam. All are online and on-demand. The Exam Performance Workshop Package includes:

  • Essay Writing Workshop
  • MBE Workshop
  • MPT Workshop
Memory Boosters™ The Rules you need to know to pass the uniform bar exam.

We take the guess work out of studying with our succinct study materials. The Marino Memory Boosters™ will replace hours spent writing flash cards; this is your quick reference to the most important rules for each subject. All you need to know to pass the bar exam in an easy to memorize format!

Boot Camp Video Lectures Succinct videos lasting 1 to 2 hours each. These video lectures drill you on the specific rules you need to know on the MBE.
The Marino Method is your plan for success We train students on how to maximize points on each component of the bar exam by utilizing our well-tested pedagogical approach called The Marino Method. It is an active integrated approach to prompt memory, recall and application. You will first learn the method and then apply it on a daily basis.
Predictions Lecture Get early access to Marino’s famous “MEE Predictions Lecture” where we review the exact rules and fact patterns we believe you are most likely to see on your bar exam essays.
Price: $2,500 Students who wish to finance the Course at 0% interest must pay a minimum of $800 at the time of registration, and then may pay the remaining balance over several follow-up payments. The full cost of the Course must be paid by the date of the bar exam a student has enrolled for.