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Why Marino?

The Marino Retaker Course is the only bar review course designed specifically for students who failed the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE).

Marino Bar Review is famous for helping students that failed the bar exam pass the next time they sit for it.

The foundation of our Retaker Program focuses on training students to improve their bar exam performance and increase their scores on each section of the bar exam.

The Retaker Course is built to overcome the unique challenges that students who have failed the bar exam face, and is designed to work around your busy schedule.


How the Retaker Course Works

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    Emily Marino, a bar exam consultant with over 30 years experience will explain where you went wrong and what you need to focus on to make sure you pass the next bar exam.

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    If you decide to study with us, you will be personally matched with a Marino Certified bar exam tutor.

    You will receive individualized tutoring to ensure you are maximizing your time and staying focused on what you need to learn.

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    We take the guess work out of studying with our succinct study materials – quickly learn the most important rules for each subject.

    The Boosters give you everything you need to know to pass the bar exam in an easy to memorize format!

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    These workshops will help you excel on each section of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) by improving your test-taking skills.

    The Exam Performance™ Workshop Package includes: MBE Workshop, Multistate Examination Essay (MEE) Writing Workshop and The MPT Workshop.

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    Finally, using our methods, you will be confident and fully prepared to PASS THE BAR EXAM!

    Then you can move on with your life, get a great job as an attorney, and live happily ever after!