Decisions Made In Canada’s Bar Exam Cheating Scandal

Following up on a story discussed in this blog months ago, decisions in the investigation into cheating on the Canadian version of the bar examination have now been announced.

“The Law Society has taken the appropriate action in the circumstances, given the gravity of the conduct and the evidence supporting its conclusions,” said Diana Miles, the Law Society’s Chief Executive Officer. “The Law Society must carry out its function, duties, and powers in a manner that protects the public interest. Critical to fulfilling our mandate is facilitating a licensing regime that is properly and effectively administered and that ensures good character and the entry-level competence of licensees.”

In July and August this year, 150 candidates were notified that, based on the results and recommendations of a forensic analysis conducted by testing security experts, and other information and evidence obtained through the investigative process, there was strong support for the conclusion that they had engaged in prohibited actions regarding the Law Society’s November 2021 licensing examinations.

Candidates were advised that they could face a range of outcomes based on the Law Society’s mandate to protect the public interest and to maintain the integrity of the licensing process and the public confidence in the legal professions

The candidates in question were then notified that the Licensing and Accreditation Department of the Law Society had made the following decisions:

21 candidates were advised that their examination results are void.

  • These candidates received a “fail” result for the void examination, which counts as an examination attempt.

126 candidates were advised that their exam results are void and their registration in the licensing process is also void.

  • Individuals whose registration is void are no longer candidates in the Law Society’s licensing process; all previous examination attempts along with the completion of any form of experiential training, such as articling, are void.
  • Individuals whose registration is void are unable to re-apply to enter the licensing process for a period of one year. In addition, the rendering of this administrative decision must be disclosed should they apply at any point in the future, at which point they may be subject to an investigation concerning whether they are presently of good character.

The other candidates under investigation have been advised that the investigation into their possible actions has been closed without any administrative action being taken.

You can read more about this story here.

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