MBE Question of the Day

As bar exam results from the July 2022 exam begin to be released in states around the country, we will be posting several real MBE questions every week, with the answer to be posted the following day. Please feel free to email us with any questions about these, and if you were unsuccessful on the bar exam, submit your score report here for a free score report evaluation from our bar exam experts!

MBE Question of the Day

Plaintiff is a citizen of State A. Defendant is an architecture firm that is incorporated in State B and has its main offices in State A, where all of the officers and employees reside. Plaintiff contracts with Defendant to design an environmentally friendly home in the State A desert. Defendant and Plaintiff got into a dispute over the costs of the project and Plaintiff sued Defendant in an State A state court. Defendant moved to remove the case to federal court.

Should the State A federal court accept jurisdiction over the case?

(A) Yes, unless Plaintiff’s suit seeks less than $75,000.
(B) No, because the federal court does not have jurisdiction.
(C) No, because Plaintiff’s choice of forum controls.
(D) No, unless Plaintiff consents to the removal.

Answer to be posted tomorrow……