How Much Does a Sandwich Cost at the NYC Bar Exam Site?

Bar exam test takers in New York City can expect to pay absurdly high prices at lunch during this week’s exam.

The Javits Center, where most New York exam takers will sit for the bar, now has its own catering group, Cultivated, which is selling boxed meals, which include a sandwich, pasta salad, chips, a cookie and a bottle of water, at a cost of $33 per meal.

This means that for the 2 day exam, lunch would cost a test taker a total of $66.

Even with the current high inflation rates, this sounds a bit expensive.

Additionally, the kosher turkey sandwich and kosher chicken wrap will set aspiring attorneys back a whopping $53 dollars each.

For those who choose something else to eat, it is not that simple. Test takers have limited options. They cannot bring backpacks into the exam room and are allowed only a beverage and a quiet snack, which must be unwrapped and placed in a clear bag.

And the extra hassle of walking several blocks in the vicinity of the Javits Center and possibly waiting on long lines for lunch while under the immense stress of the exam is probably not appealing for many test takers.

Perhaps the publicizing of these prices will cause the Javits Center to allow a little competition for offering meals on-site, which could bring down the prices somewhat for the next bar exam.

For now, we hope that it’s one delicious sandwich for those prices!

You can read more about these concerns here.

If you are sitting for the bar exam right now or just finished taking it as you read this, we certainly want to wish you good luck!

We sincerely hope all your hard work and studying has paid off. Of course, you will not know the results for some time, so if you have any concerns or want to discuss how the exam went for you, please do not hesitate to call or email us for expert guidance.