MBE Question of the Day

Congress enacts a statute that makes Pennsylvania Avenue a one-way street. The sole reason for enacting the statute was that it facilitated many Congresspersons’ travel back and forth from the House of Representatives each day since many Congresspersons had complained of heavy traffic congestion along most of Pennsylvania Avenue. Six months prior, the Washington, D.C. City Council had passed a local ordinance declaring Pennsylvania Avenue a two-way street, and they assert that the new Congressional statute is unconstitutional.

Is the statute constitutionally valid?
(A) Yes, because it is a proper exercise of one of Congress’ enumerated powers.
(B) Yes, because Congress has plenary power over the District of Columbia.
(C) No, because the Washington, D.C. City Council has exclusive power over the local public roads and
(D) No, because it unduly burdens interstate commerce.
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