MBE Question of the Day

MBE Question of the Day

After receiving several viable threats, in
order to ensure that all United States citizens
return safely from certain countries, the
President created the Protection Troops of
America. Any group of Americans larger
than ten people coming into the United
States from abroad will be protected by the
newly formed troops. Two weeks after the
President’s announcement, Congress passed
a law prohibiting the “United States Armed
Forces, or any part of the Armed Forces,
from being used to escort private citizens
home from vacation, unless there is a real
threat of danger, and unless Congress is
notified of the use of the military in such a
situation within 24 hours after such use.”
Is the statute constitutional?

(A) Yes, because Congress has the
express power to raise and support
an army and navy.

(B ) Yes, because of Congressional
power under the War Powers Act
passed during a previous

(C) No, because of the President’s power
to conduct foreign affairs.

(D) No, because of the President’s
authority as Commander in Chief of
the Armed Forces.

Answer to be posted tomorrow…….