Taking the Bar Exam Again at 73

For those who will be taking the bar exam in less than 2 weeks, consider the case of James Archie Barnett, first admitted to the State Bar of Georgia in 1975.

Mr. Barnett, now 73 years old, is believed to be sitting for the exam at the end of July.

Barnett had been an admitted attorney for 45 years, but after losing his law license for failing to communicate with clients, he is finally getting a second chance at the practice. The Supreme Court of Georgia has granted Barnett’s application for certification of fitness, which means that passing the bar exam is the only major obstacle standing between Mr. Barnett and having his law license fully reinstated.

Barnett was disbarred back in 1998 following four incidents where he failed to render requested services to clients as well as not responding to attorney disciplinary authorities.

Barnett’s recent application for certification of fitness outlined his rehabilitated character, his new marriage, his volunteering in community projects and how he has served in different capacities with sports and religious associations.

The court said Barnett’s application acknowledged “that procedures that he utilized during his law practice, as well as problems in his personal life, including a divorce and financial hardship, led to difficulties, including instances in which he ‘was retained to represent a client but subsequently failed to communicate with the client and … provide the requested service.’”

You can read more about Mr. Barnett’s second chance here.

If he does in fact sit for the bar exam at the end of the month as expected, we wish Mr. Barnett good luck – and we want to wish good luck to all of those sitting for the exam.

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