Marino’s Legal News: Texas takes back mask mandate for its in-person bar exam

Many states are “remotely” holding their July 2021 bar exam, however, there are some states, like Texas, that have decided it was worth the risk to hold the exam in person. Now a bit of controversy has arisen concerning the Texas Bar Exam.

Examinees who signed up for the in-person examination did so originally being told that:

“At a minimum… Everyone in the exam room must wear a mask.”

Now less than a month before the exam, that policy has suddenly changed. The policy now states that

“Masks are allowed and encouraged, but not required.”

“Examinees are allowed to wear masks in the exam room and throughout the exam site. Examinees may wear their own masks. We will also have some masks available.”

“Per CDC guidelines: those who are not fully vaccinated are encouraged to wear masks at all times. We will not ask anyone about their vaccination status).”

Of course, some are now concerned that they will be sitting for many hours next to fellow examinees or even proctors who may be unvaccinated and will not be wearing masks.

This danger adds to the already sky high anxiety many feel about taking what may be the most important test of their lives.

It also may force some exam takers who have immunocompromised or otherwise vulnerable relatives to question whether they should take the risk and sit for the exam at all, under these precarious circumstances.

You can read more about this situation here.

While we cannot change these state’s policies, if you are taking the bar exam at the end of July, whether remotely or in person and have concerns about passing, we can certainly provide assistance. Now is the best time to get last minute help understanding concepts that you still don’t quite “get“ or learning how to score extra essay points if you are struggling with that section during your practice. Learn more about our bar exam tutoring options here.