New York Bar Exam To Be Given Online in October – Submit Your Score Report for a Free Evaluation and Advice

New York has joined the growing list of states that has canceled in-person bar exams, with plans for a remote online exam to be offered on October 5 and 6 instead. Candidates registered for the September examination will be automatically registered for the October remote examination.

New York has now joined Ohio, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Washington DC, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Illinois as states offering the online test. While the exam will not technically count for UBE transfer of scores, New York and the other states are already discussing a reciprocity agreement that will allow the score to be transferred among these states for passers.

Initially, New York had plans for an in-person September bar exam, but that test was canceled on July 16.

The New York State Court of Appeals decided on the online bar exam and rejected the idea of diploma privilege that had been floated by many, including law school deans.

You can read more about the online exam here.

With some New York bar exam retakers now potentially eligible to take the exam online in October, but others still likely having to wait until February, we understand how trying the situation has been on these individuals and that the needs of each exam taker is going to be unique under these unusual circumstances. We have tailored our bar preparation programs to meet these needs:

  • Each Marino Bar Review student is assigned an attorney Student Advisor who meets with them virtually to design a detailed study plan specifically tailored to the student’s current schedule.
  • For those taking the exam in October, the regular study program will start at the beginning of August, giving them ample time to complete our program and be successful on the exam. For those exam takers planning to take the exam in February or are still unsure about when they will sit for the exam next, their attorney Advisor will work with them to create a personalized study plan.
  • All Marino Bar Review students gain immediate access to the complete online program and may begin studying the same day they enroll, to maximize their study time.
  • Please note all of our Retaker bar review programs are designed to maximize a student’s exam performance skills, and as such, include expert one-on-one personal tutoring, as well as unlimited essay and MPT grading.

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