Next New York Bar Exam Likely To Be Given In September

The New York Court of Appeals has now announced that that the bar exam that had been scheduled for July will take place shortly before or after the Labor Day holiday.

Since New York announced it would be postponing the July bar exam for a date in the fall, other states have now begun to follow this lead.

Due to the expected delay of a couple of months for the exam, New York Chief Judge Janet DiFiore is considering allowing expanding supervised practice for law school graduates until the next exam.

“The expansion contemplated would allow private sector attorneys and law firms, as well as government offices and legal aid organizations, to apply to the appellate division for practice orders, and to allow such orders to include law graduates who are awaiting the administration of the first bar examination following their graduation, as well as law graduates who are awaiting results of the bar examination and meet the required criteria,” the court announced on its website. You can read more about this here.