New York’s Next Bar Exam Will Still Be Given, But Not In July

To no one’s great surprise, The New York Court of Appeals has announced that the New York State Bar Examination will not be administered on July 28-29, 2020 as previously scheduled.

Contrary to rumors that the next bar exam might be online or even waived entirely, the Court of Appeals seems to confirm that there will in fact be a physical bar exam, just delayed until a later date. Speculation is that the next exam might be given in September, if it feasible at that time.

The State Board of Law Examiners will announce the new date for the exam and the dates for the application filing period as soon as it becomes available. For exam takers waiting for results from the last bar exam, the news is that the grading is progressing despite the crisis, however, due to the closure of the Board’s office, the release of the February 2020 UBE results may be delayed a bit past the usual expected date of around May 1.

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With the New York bar exam now being postponed temporarily, we understand that the needs of each exam taker is going to be unique under these circumstances. We are tailoring our bar preparation programs to meet these needs:

  • Each Marino Bar Review student is assigned an attorney Student Advisor who meets with them virtually to design a detailed study plan specifically tailored to the student’s current schedule and availability over the next few months.
  • All Marino Bar Review students gain immediate access to the complete online program and may begin studying the same day they enroll, to maximize their study time.
  • All Marino Bar Review students will have continued access to the program until they take the exam on the next administration, whenever it is given.

If you are considering taking the next New York Bar Exam and you have questions about the the exam or our bar preparation program, please call us at (866) 788-8589 or email us at [email protected] We are now available to answer your questions 7 days a week.