See If You Can Answer This MBE Question!

A  fan  called  a  radio  station  to  compete  in  a  contest. The  disc  jockey  asked  the  fan  a  few  trivia   questions   which   the   fan   answered   correctly  to  win  the  prize.  The  disc  jockey  then  asked  the  fan  to  shout  the  name  of  the  radio station     and     the fan     did so enthusiastically. Without the fan’s knowledge, the   station   recorded   these   statements   and used the recorded statements for  promotions  and a commercial for the station.  The fan did not know the recorded statements were being used until someone told him they heard one of the promotions with his voice. In a suit for damages against the radio station, will the fan prevail?


(A) No, because the fan made the statement publicly over the radio station.

(B) No, if the radio station’s promotions and commercial were accurate and truthful.

(C) Yes, because the use of the fan’s name and voice was an intentional intrusion into his private life.

(D) Yes, because the radio station used the fan’s name and voice for a commercial purpose and without his permission.