See If You Can Answer This MBE Question!

A security guard approached a customer about to leave the store and asked the customer if he could accompany him to the manager’s office. The   customer,  knowing  he  did not do anything wrong, complied. Upon the customer’s arrival at the office, the store manager asked  the customer several questions, and, without presenting any evidence, accused him of shoplifting. The customer then stated  that he wanted  to  leave, but the manager refused  and  the  security  guard blocked the doorway. The customer sat  in the office while the manager continued to interrogate and yell at him and threaten to call the cops. Finally, after several minutes, the manager gave up and allowed to customer to leave. As a result of what has happened, the customer now suffers anxiety and avoids shopping. In a suit based on infliction of emotional distress, will the customer prevail?


(A)Yes, because the manager’s conduct would be considered extreme and outrageous.

(B)Yes, because the customer was a licensee and therefore owed a higher standard of care.

(C) No, because the customer suffered no physical harm.

(D)No, because the manager was justified in using his tactics because he thought that the customer was a shoplifter.