Harvard Law Grad Sues The Bar Examiners

Tamara Wyche, who graduated Harvard Law in 2013, is suing the New York State Board of Law Examiners, claiming its failure to provide her with  special accommodations for the bar exam violated the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Tamara had requested 50 percent extra time, a private testing room, and stop-clock breaks, which she claimed were necessary because of her struggles with anxiety and depression.

She says she supplied the board with letters from doctors confirming her problems, as well as supporting the fact that she had cognitive difficulties caused by a 2009 accident in which her car toppled over a cliff. But despite the documentation, her requests were still denied by the Board.

Wyche suffered panic attacks in both her first and second unsuccessful attempts at the bar exam, after which she claims she lost a job offer she had received from the law firm Ropes & Gray.

Wyche finally passed the bar exam on her third try in February 2015, but claims that she is unable to get a steady job because no law firm will hire her on a full-time basis now.

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