Are You Privileged Enough To Get A Tutor For The Bar Exam?

Privileged students do not look at tutoring as remedial. To get a leg up on their competition, they get tutored. It is as simple as that.

If you have ever attended a private school, you likely know exactly what we are talking about.

When it comes to preparing for the bar exam, studies have shown that students pass in GPA order, and if you want to improve the odds, you need to do more than just take a bar course.

Therefore it is highly recommend you consider tutoring as part of your bar preparation.

The cost is affordable. You do not need to be privileged, except in attitude.

Most people do not think of tutoring unless they have a problem. If you have already taken the exam at least once and failed, think of getting a tutor to work with you in preparation for the next exam. If you just graduated and want to do all you can to ensure your success, a tutor can make the difference.

Selecting a tutor is the difficult part. Many tutors are well-meaning people who passed the exam with a high score, but they are not trained educators and can inadvertently confuse you. Get recommendations from friends, do your Google searches, but make sure you investigate and do some research before you choose a tutor.

The right tutor will keep you on schedule. If you are having trouble with a particular section of the exam, or a particular substantive topic, a tutor can evaluate your skills and give you strategies and methods for improving your proficiency. A tutor can help drill you on the rules of law and give you personal feedback on your Essays, MPT, and MBE problems. For students retaking the exam, a good tutor is critical to help you understand what you did wrong the last time and show you how to fix the problem. 

Tutoring is no longer just for the privileged. It is for all of us. Look into it. I think you will find it can make a huge difference when it comes to your chances of passing the bar exam.

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