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Why Marino?


To pass the bar exam, you must master two domains: substantive legal knowledge and exam performance. The Marino Method incorporates both bar preparation and exam performance training by identifying the rules you need to memorize and using problem solving to promote memory and recall.

For the July 2016 we offer our Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) Retaker Course.

Go to retakingthebarexam.com to find out more about this program.   

Bar Preparation

  • Individualized Instruction: Individualized courses for individual success. 
  • Comprehensive Outlines: Outlines are embedded with multiple choice questions. 
  • Focused Lectures: Study with Professor Marino in his "one-on-one" lectures.
  • Online: The first TRUE online bar review course. Study anytime, anywhere!

Exam Performance Training

  • Integrated Teaching & Exam Training: Lectures focus both on your substantive understanding of the law while honing your ability to apply the law facts to the facts. 
  • Memory Booster: Memory is a function of repetition. The Marino Memory Booster gives you the most essential rules for each subject in a concise document. 
  • Exam-Taking Methodologies: Maximize your score when you know the law, score points anyway when you don’t. Avoid the common traps set by graders and learn what’s on the bar examiner’s grading rubric.


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